Rock climber Sonnie Trotter
The Brief
To promote the release of the film Tomb Raider, Warner Bros. Canada wanted to inspire adventure, determination and strength in the hearts of Canadians through the character of Lara Croft.
The Solution
YBIMC created content with influencers that are similar in spirit to Lara Croft – highlighting their stories within their individual core disciplines of running, cycling and climbing.
The Stories

Tomb Raider Inspires ft. Sonnie Trotter

​​​​​​​Sonnie Trotter
One of the world’s most accomplished rock climbers, Sonnie has completed hundreds of first ascents around the globe and is the first Canadian to win a US National. He has made rapid first and second ascents of most of America’s hardest traditional climbs and has also completed many first ascents in Canada and Europe, including some of the hardest climbs in the world. Today, some of Sonnie’s signature first ascent routes are still unrepeated in the climbing community.

Tomb Raider Inspires ft. Sasha Exeter

Sasha Exeter
A former US college athlete and high-achieving member of the corporate world, Sasha has pushed through a kidney disease and fibromyalgia to become one of Canada’s most sought-after brand storytellers, and a fitness model to boot. She shares what inspires her in fashion, beauty, fitness, food, art, design, health, and wellness with other women on her lifestyle blog, SoSasha.
Melissa Offner
TV host, writer, traveller and in between her day-to-day responsibilities, a health and fitness content creator, Mel likes to inspire others, surf, and stay active with run groups, running through the city and natural settings. Balancing life as a Vancouver-based content creator and fitness instructor, Mel loves spending time exploring the world and is always on the lookout for her next adventure.
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