Program Recap

When Innis & Gunn, a Scottish craft beer with a distinctive flavour, came to us with news that they were releasing their Original beer at The Beer Store in Ontario, we knew nothing short of a unique and exciting program was needed.
Born from the brand’s passionately curious mindset and humorous yet straightforward Scottish tone of voice, we created #ScanAndDeliver, a talking machine “engineered” to deliver inspiring pairings to go with Innis & Gunn’s good beer. To bring #ScanAndDeliver to life, we set up shop outside The Beer Store, where curious patrons responded with shock, awe, and excitement in each encounter. In addition to the street-level activation, #ScanAndDeliver made its way to the online space through a takeover of Innis & Gunn’s social media channels, where it engaged in conversation with the brand’s followers.

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