On June 17, 2024, YBIMC had the distinct pleasure of supporting the Associazione Nazionale Città dell’Olio in partnership with GAL Lucus in bringing some of its finest producers and products from the Basilicata region to Canada.
An organization dedicated to promoting the culture of olive oil and protecting the olive-growing landscapes of Italy, Città dell’Olio has a rich history of connecting municipalities and promoting high-quality olive oils. Held at the renowned Don Alfonso 1890, Chef Davide Ciavattella curated a gastronomic triumph with an exquisite eight-course tasting menu that showcased the region’s culinary treasures paired with exceptional wines.
The evening gathered specialized media, grocery buys, foodservice professionals and importers who were among the first to experience these remarkable products in Canada. Their attendance underscored the significance of this initiative, promising exciting new opportunities for Basilicata’s producers in the Canadian market.
Representing the socio-economic improvement of rural communities, GAL Lucus combines local skills with a commitment to preserving cultural and agricultural heritage. The event was graced by representatives from both associations and prominent figures from Toronto’s Italian community, fostering a vibrant exchange of culture and culinary excellence.
YBIMC is proud to continue its collaboration with Associazione Nazionale Città dell’Olio and GAL Lucus, offering comprehensive support through press release development, media outreach, media kits, and content development.​​​​​​​

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