Social media posts promote the release of The Way Back through a social media contest.
To promote the release of The Way Back, a film about a coach who gets his last shot at redemption by coaching a struggling basketball team at his alma mater, Warner Bros. Canada asked YBIMC to create a social media contest that engages fans of sport. The resulting collaboration tapped into what sports fans truly enjoy about the spectacle: the shared connection to teams, players, and other fans.
This insight drove audience engagement by asking fans to share uplifting stories of how sport has played a meaningful role in their lives. After receiving more than one thousand entries covering a range of inspiring themes, select user-generated content (UGC) was adapted as video creative, which was in turn leveraged to drive additional reach and promotion for the film and contest.
YBIMC supported the initiative with copywriting, paid advertising, and creative services.
The Stories

UGC Submission: Coaching

UGC Submission: Volleyball

UGC Submission: Gymnastics

UGC Submission: Respect

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