There’s really nothing quite like the movie theatre experience — the energy, the reactions, the memories. Most movies are meant for the big screen, but some truly shine in that environment, going from a two or three-hour piece of entertainment to a collective and immersive escape from reality. Needless to say, Magic Mike’s Last Dance is one of those movies.
So how do you to convey to a moviegoing audience that Magic Mike’s Last Dance isn’t just a movie? That it’s actually a hot night out that just so happens to take place in a movie theatre?
Our partners at Warner Bros. Canada challenged us to do just that. At an exclusive interactive screening of the film, some lucky Canadian fans would get to experience the magic for themselves — and we would be there to capture their reactions.
With just one chance to capture the magic, planning was the name of the game to be able to offer guests a minimally disruptive movie-going experience while capturing expressive reactions in a low-light auditorium environment. 
Site visits, light and equipment tests, storyboards, mapping out the timing of potential reaction moments — these were all elements we could control. There are always going to be surprises in the moment, but we were going to be as prepared as we could be.
The screening turned out to be a big success, complete with a fun selection of props (including film-themed dollar bills) and some amazing audience reactions. The resulting video piece lived up to our vision and turned out to be a hit as well.
Even if you weren’t there that night, the energy and emotions from that auditorium were so palpable and vividly captured that you’d feel like you were in one of those seats too, fanning yourself and joining the crowd in tossing dollar bills in the air. There were a couple fun twists we were able to weave into our narrative as well, so be sure to check out the full video below. 

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