2019 Audi Innovation Series

An evening with Tommy Hilfiger

On April 30, 2019, Audi Canada hosted the third annual Audi Innovation Series with iconic fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, as the featured speaker. Highlighting Audi’s brand essence and core pillars of design, creativity and innovation, this year’s intimate chat focused on Hilfiger’s career with lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger, his impact on the fashion industry, and working with tastemakers in the age of social media.

YOUR BRAND was responsible for the brand’s event concept, design and execution. In addition, YOUR BRAND coordinated media and influencer relations outreach for press coverage.

Media Pick-ups

Tommy Hilfiger on the secret to his success
Audi Innovation 2019: A Celebration of Creativity and Forward-Thinking Design
Tommy Hilfiger resurgence fuelled by Generation Z and influencers
Tommy Hilfiger: King of Fashion Forward Style
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