Media Statement in Response to COVID-19

Having spent much of my career working for and with many of the world’s great media companies, I maintain a foundational belief in the societal requirement of trusted, credible and reliable journalism. During a difficult and protracted period when study after study has demonstrated how partisanship, tribalism and the growing malignancy of misinformation have eroded people’s trust of the media, it should now be abundantly clear why journalists, news photographers, editors, columnists, copy editors, proofreaders, researchers, global bureaus and appropriately funded newsrooms are truly essential services. Whether they toil within print, broadcast, digital or emerging platform mediums, whether you agree with their opinion pieces and editorial board expositions, whether you feel they are right or left or simply wrong, now is the time when those voices, all of those voices, should be most protected. Global catastrophic events like the pandemic that currently threatens so many innocent lives and everyone else’s ways of life, highlight the importance of timely, reliable and properly vetted information. Facts and truth are required. Few things carry more currency in a world turned uncertain. This is precisely why it’s a societal imperative to value the work of credible news organizations and vigorously defend journalistic endeavour.