Agency Statement in Response to COVID-19

An unprecedentedly difficult and challenging time like the one we are all living in today, reminds many of us how much we take for granted and how truly lucky we are. Our agency is lucky – we were born during the Great Recession and have persisted during the many peaks and valleys of the last 11 years. Our agency is lucky – we have a dedicated team that possesses the will, fortitude and innovative spirit to look forward to a brighter day. Our agency is lucky – we get to work with incredible global partners who themselves toil for brands that maintain much longer histories than ours. And these incredible brands are doing impressive things to help make the world brighter during this opaque time. Our agency is lucky – and this is the most important part – our staff and partners are healthy and well. So we give thanks for being safe, and tip our hats to all of our exceptional brand partners that are actively contributing to the global solution. And most importantly, we are all grateful for the incredible Canadian frontline workers – medical, grocery, supply chain, transportation, government, police and firefighters – who remind us daily what sacrifice and heroism really look like.